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TGS Pack 70

Hellbound Demons Pack

If you're keen to make a Doom style FPS then this pack might just be what your game needs!


This model pack developed by “Rolfy” from the TGC forums includes ground based and winged demons. The ground base demons come in four flavours;

  • Grounded bone
  • Grounded red
  • Grounded grey
  • Grounded reptile

And the winged based ones do too;

  • Winged bone
  • Winged red
  • Winged grey
  • Winged reptile

In additional to these textured versions you have access to video textured character demons with fiery eyes and glowing wings.


  • Grounded/Winged bone videotexture
  • Grounded/Winged red videotexture
  • Grounded/Winged grey videotexture
  • Grounded/Winged reptile videotexture

These Demons are fast and have random fly, run, walk and melee actions. The winged characters can melee attack from both air and ground. They will randomly throw exploding fireballs at the player.

Winged Demons will drop and stay grounded, following the player into corridors and other low ceiling areas using simple trigger zone logic.

The characters are fully animated (1,348 frames) with alternate idle animations including standing, squatting and eating randomly. Transitional animations mean the characters move from sitting to standing, standing to flying and so on.

Attacking the demons will trigger hit damage animations and make them flinch back when shot.

When they die, their “lights” go out on them whether glowing eyes or full videotexture.

The pack includes all diffuse, normal, specular and illumination maps (Illumination shader provided).



Size 72 MB

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