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TGS Pack 63

FPS Creator Model Pack 63 - Destructive Corridors

The pack contains everything neccessary to create any exploding wall situation with explosion decals and sounds to compliment the effect.

Destructive corridor walls are provided based on the existing FPSC Sci-fi and WW2 corridors. All meshes have been modeled and uv mapped from scratch. The debris animations have been simulated in the areas they would take place in such as straight, corners, T-junctions etc. For instance if a wall is exploded outward into a straight corridor the debris will bounce off the opposite wall and spill left and right into the corridor. If a wall corner is exploded some will spill straight out and some will bounce off the opposite corner and return.


The walls have collision till destroyed, then allow entry into the next corridor or room after triggering. The walls are built into segments for quick and easy placement and already contain the scripts required for eveything to work straight out of the box by simply naming the entity's as a group to trigger all at once. You can use a trigger zone or use the provided hitbox script to blow up a barrel or anything you want to destroy the wall.

As a bonus there are three generic entity walls which can be used anywhere in your map, with a 1,2 and 3 segment debris spread these can be used in larger areas.

Dynamic shader kindly provided by Mark Blosser (bond1).


  • 72 pre-built destructive wall segments.
  • Large and small placement markers for explosion decals.
  • Cracked wall overlays curved angled and planar.
  • Generic walls, 1, 2 and 3 segment debris spread.
  • Explode debris sound effects.
  • Explosion decal.
  • Decal, wall blast and hitbox scripts.
  • Dynamic wall spec illumination shader by Mark Blosser (bond1)
  • Size 27.5 MB
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