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TGS Pack 62

FPS Creator Model Pack 62 - Dungeon Fodder

The Pack is designed to re-produce an old 'Retro' look in homage to the 'Dungeon' style Theme.

Consider the Dungeon Fodder Pack as a 'blank canvas' for you to paint your imagination in 3D and develop your skills in scripting and level design. Many elements of the pack are teasers to show you what can be achieved when scripting is used in relation with model items and your own artistic abilities.



  • BONUS LIVES - A set of 'Bonus Life' Pickups (Retro Styles included)
  • GEMS - A huge set of Treasure which include ('7' Gemstone sets, A set of Treasure Chests, '2' sets of Gold and Silver coins)
  • ITEMS - '107' various Items which include (Bottles, Animated Candles, Potions, Hot Coals, Pots, Animated Chests, Crystals, Cauldrons)
  • PICKUPS - '39' various Item Pickups which include (Keys, Health, Poison, Cash)
  • RPG - '2' sets of 'Information Items' (Chests and Obelisks)
  • SEGMENT ITEMS - Segment related entities which include (Secret Walls, Items, Floor Units, Window Shutters)
  • SWITCHES - '3' sets of new switches
  • WALL ITEMS - '23' Items which include (Torches, Wall Bowls, Spear Racks)
  • WEAPONS - '6' Dungeon style melee Weapons which include (2x Spears, Battlespear, Harpoon, Fleshcutter, Hot Poker)
  • CUTSEGS - '10' sets of special Walls with various holes cut into them (Structures and Window)
  • DOORS - '3' sets of Doors which have all the standard FPSC uses plus some extra new uses included
  • FLOORS - '4' sets of new floor types with up to '8' texture variations
  • ROOMS - '5' main set types which include many variations (see Dungeon Fodder Manual for more details)
  • STRUCTURES - various Structures to fit into rooms which include (Steps x3, Window, Wall Breakers)
  • SOUND EFFECTS - Many new SFX are also included in the Pack
  • CUSTOM SCRIPTS - Many new scripts are also included in the Pack


A folder has been supplied containing templates for all the image HUDS supplied in this pack. The folder also contains some tutorials and all the files you will need to create your own hud image messages. These files can be found at: FPS Creator/Files/game/core/huds/DFodderDFodder HUD Templates



Size 83 MB


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