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TGS Pack 54

FPS Creator Model Pack 54

This pack contains almost everything you need in order to create a challenging puzzle game. Introducing new non-shooter weapons, which will take your puzzles one step further. Why have a head-up display showing the map or information when you can provide them straight into the players hands? Using the same arms and extended animations as the re-rigged stock weapon will make integrating these weapons in your project easy. There are no limitations to what the non-shooter weapons can bring into your game, whether it’s an educational game or the goriest game of the year.

Included in the pack:

  • 14 non-shooter weapons
  • 15 melee weapons
  • 58 entities, at least half of them are made with puzzles in mind. Many of them are animated.
  • An easy to use achievement system
  • Hint and dive helmets
  • Tutorial boxes for the players first steps
  • 14 hint overlays for use with the hint helmet
  • 4 posters with different modes - standard, hint and static. Plus the ability to tear apart two of the posters to reveal hidden messages
  • A custom text font for writing your own decrypted messages
  • 4 room segments and 4 floor segments using the new stock shaders
  • Entity Information

    Model Pack 54 Information
    Download Download: Model Pack 54 Information  
      File Size: 597 KB  
    56Kb: 1 Mins 39 Secs   512Kb: 0 Mins 10 Secs
    1MB: 0 Mins 5 Secs   2Mb: 0 Mins 2 Secs
      Updated: 19th Apr 2011  
      Description: Information about entities contained in this pack.  
      Downloads: 3922  

    Bonus Items

    A collection of bonus items have been added in an update provided on 15th July 2011.


  • Size 227 MB

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