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TGS Pack 50

Model Pack 50 for FPS Creator

Sate your dungeon dwelling desires with the catacomb/prison pack. An impressive array of architectural features will give your dungeons and catacombs a sense of character, depth and intrigue.


Explore winding caverns, dusty halls and ancient dungeons with unique layered customisation options available allowing you to make your rooms as detailed as your imagination will allow!

All of the elements will work in any scenario, not just rust-ridden war-torn environments. There is a vast amount of material included in this pack that can be used for anything.

Highly detailed textures and a wide variety of static entities will allow you to create highly detailed dungeon environments that will seam effortlessly into your other projects with minimum fuss.

  • 20 Segment Pieces
  • 12 Door/Window Segments
  • 2 Level Alteration Segments (Steps)
  • 196 Architectural Entities
  • 49 Scenic Entities
  • Size 82 MB
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