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TGS Pack 43

Model Pack 43 for FPS Creator

The Cave Pack has been created to provide a new level of FPS gaming and bring an underground feel to the adventuring player. Ideally suited for tight winding tunnels and subterranean mine complexes, monsters and dark creatures lurking around every corner!


  • 5 Cavernous Door Segments to join mines to tunnels to the outside world
  • 40 Underground Tunnel Segments featuring Coal, Iron, Gold and other mineral deposits
  • 20 Supported Mine Corridor Segments, designed to blend effortlessly with the un-worked tunnel segments for continuity and fluidity in your levels
  • 6 Overlay tile segments to create a network of mine tracks for ore carts
  • 8 Overlay tile segments to create suspended land-bridges, ravines and multi-level caverns
  • 4 Overlay tile segments in the form of ladders and ramps to allow the cave scenes to flow seamlessly from one level to the next
  • 7 Entities including Ore carts, Junction boxes and Rail materials to populate your mine track scenes
  • 17 Entities of rocks and ore to add variety and depth to your scene – designed to be used in conjunction with one another to create a limitless variety of cave layouts
  • 15 Entities of wooden construct, including crates, beams and blockers to provide ambience, block passages and otherwise give the end user a more interesting scene
  • 12 Mining Tools including picks, shovels and dynamite
  • 16 Stalactite and stalagmites and clusters to populate your cavern roofs and floors
  • A fully animated rockslide with custom sound effects to surprise and alarm your would-be dungeon dwellers!


Size 79 MB

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