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TGS Pack 41

Model Pack 41 for FPS Creator

This pack was designed to supply more Items/Objects for any Dungeon scene and its contents will also fit well into any ‘Medieval or Castle’ scene. The main goal was to create a more ‘animated’ environment which would suit an RPG well, plus give the player a more ‘object interactive’ feel with his/her surroundings.

Custom Sound FX

There are ‘66’ new custom sound effects applied to the animated models in this pack.


  • Doors – ‘22’ sets of new doors which all have a ‘hollow’ version and which includes a ‘secret’ set of doors with accessories
  • Vents – ‘6’ sets of vent type entrances which all have a ‘hollow’ version and accessoriesv
  • Floor segment – ‘1’ new floor segment (non flat)
  • Floor Traps – ‘2’ which fit with new floor segment or any other dungeon style floor
  • Trap Doors – ‘3’ sets of trap door style floor entrances which all have a ‘hollow’ version and accessories
  • Cages – ‘2’ sets of cage type segments with working doors which can be entered by your player
  • vNarrow Balcony System – ‘1’ set of models which can create numerous balcony layouts and includes its own specific ‘Ladder’ used for access
  • Items – ‘64’ various items (animated & static) which include ‘ceiling fans’, ‘wall fans’, ‘wall saws’, ‘heads which shoot darts’
  • Windows – ‘19’ new style windows in various shapes and sizes which most have their own version with ‘shutters’ which can be opened and closed by your player
  • Windows with Glass – A large selection of the windows available which have ‘Glass’ included with the model which can be ‘shot’ out by your player. The glass textures vary from model to model


  • Chains – a selection chain entities (animated & static) which vary in size and use with texture variations for scene variation
  • Glass – ‘4’ a set of glass sheets which can be used in many ways (see DungeonItems Manual)
  • Objects/Items – ‘156’ various items (animated & static) which include ‘bugs & moths’, ‘fire units’, ‘wall decoration entities’, ‘working wall cogs’
  • Quest Items – ‘4’ full screen character ‘headwear’ pickups (HUD display) with ‘3’ different scenario arrangements, ‘3’ complete sets of ‘information’ based entities (with HUD display), ‘1’ full set of ‘pain collision’ markers (see DungeonItems Manual), ‘23’ ‘bogus’ switches (see DungeonItems Manual)
  • Switches – ‘16’ new switch/button styles all fully animated (different animations) with a full set of ‘static’ versions 
  • Size 194 MB
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