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TGS Pack 10

Model Pack 10 features 15 weapons and 2 melee attack sets for your FPS Creator games.

  • 44 Combat - Fun for a boy or a girl. A five shot revolver.
  • AK74M - The legend lives on. A fully automatic assault rifle.
  • Compact .45 - Chopped and bobbed. An autoloading pistol.
  • CQBR - Close Quarters Battle Rifle. A fully automatic subcarbine.
  • Gatt18 - Spray and pray. A fully automatic machine pistol.
  • JSCS Breecher - Dynamic entries have never been more crowd pleasing. An autoloading shotgun.
  • Brass Knuckles - Leave a lasting impression. A melee weapon.
  • M107 LRSR - One shot. One kill. An autoloading sniper rifle.
  • M9 - Classy yet utilitarian. An autoloading pistol.
  • M16A4 Get some! A burst-fire assault rifle.
  • M16A4/M203 (Version 2) - Worlds collide. M16A4 Mode: A burst-fire assault rifle. M203 Mode: A breech loading, single-shot grenade launcher.
  • M67 Fragmentation Grenade - Blow stuff up. An explosive hand grenade.
  • Model 36 - Undercover classic. A five shot revolver.
  • RPK - WOLVERINES! A drum-fed squad automatic weapon.
  • T5 - Is that a shotgun in your pocket? A five shot, revolving-chamber shotgun.
  • Gloved Fists - Fists of fury. An unarmed melee attack.
  • Zombie Hands - Experience life on the other side. An unarmed melee attack.

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