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FPS Pack 4

This pack differs for the norm by offering up 21 brand new fully animated characters to drop into your games. They are ready to go including scripts, and some of them even have special features. Costing only $19.99 the contents include:

  • A bikini clad girl with a sassy walk (have her follow a way-point to see!)
  • A denim wearing male civilian and a skirt clad female civilian
  • A maid / cleaning lady
  • A grumpy old farmer man weilding a shot-gun
  • A medic - script so he restores your health if you walk close to him!
  • A surgeon with scrubs and mask
  • A cute looking nurse
  • A hazmat worker (man in hazardous materials suit)
  • 3 different police offers (2 younger, 1 older)
  • 2 security guards (one young, one old)
  • 3 prison inmates in standard orange jumpsuits

As well as the 'normal' characters above you also get ZOMBIES! These include a zombie surgeon - since most zombie outbreaks occur in hospitals due to mis-diagnosis, this poor doctor was the first to be infected. Features custom animations with a "melee" type attack. This zombie will descend upon you and swipe at you with an off-balance attack. Even his mouth moves! You also get a Zombie Nurse, a large heavy-set zombie with custom attack animations, and finally a gruesome zombie cop!


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